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Excellent Delivery and Instant Impact

Advance your career
Acquire knowledge and skills
Learn from the best to become the best
Learn from the experts and become a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)


Join our events and acquire knowledge and skills that will help you advance in your career.  Courses include:

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Project Management

  • Marketing

  • Strategic Planning

  • Human Resources

  • Human Development


Join us and become a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) equipped by the latest training techniques and edge-cutting training material.  This certification is widely recognised by individual professionals and institutions.  The CPT community are expanding exponentially.

Training Packages

Acquire our certified training packages which will help you conduct your training in a professional manner.  Also, we are prepared to certify your training packages with us if they meet the BGA standards and satisfy the Professional Training Packages’ criteria.  If this is your first step towards your career as a trainer, our ready-made training packages will pave the way for an easy delivery and prosperous future.  You will also have the opportunity of getting your trainees’ certificates endorsed by BGA.

BGA professional training packages cover topics in leadership and management, project management, marketing and communications as well as Human Resources and a wide range of Human Development courses.

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Our work

A collection of work we have completed with passion


About us

Britannia Global Academy (BGA)

This is the hub for trainees and trainers worldwide.  BGA endeavours to provide a leading-edge training and certification for trainers and training packages.  You can acquire knowledge and skills from a wide range of training courses in the field of leadership & management, marketing & communication and human resources & development.

Why BGA?

Given the growing need for real development on both; personal and institutional capacity, Britannia Global Academy (BGA) has come to light to provide niche services characterised by quality and professionalism.  BGA stands out from the rest of the professional crowds to offer unique and distinguished products and services for a wide range of customers using:

  • A worldwide network of trainers

  • A global presence through partners; centres and academies

  • Contemporary products and services


Our Vision

We aim to be amongst the top global hubs for knowledge and skill-seeking trainees and trainers.


Our Mission

To provide leading-edge and specialised training courses for trainees and certified packages for professional trainers.


Our Values (CODE)

To undertake our work by having:

  • Customer orientation, commitment and delight.

  • One-stop hub for specialised knowledge and skills.

  • Differentiation at all levels of products and services.

  • Ethics and morals maintained in every single transaction.

Contact us

22-24 Sampson Road North, Birmingham B11 1BL, UK


Tel: +44 218 9667

Mob: +44 79 1991 2006

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“When I was sent to the training by my organisation, I thought to myself it’s just another course! But I was amazed and astonished by the unique training I received. It was really beyond my expectation”


—  A PMD Pro 1 participant

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